Apr 26

How To Relieve Pain Naturally

When it comes to pain relief, many people are quick to reach for multiple types of pain relief medications in order to feel better. Whilst this is one way to relieve pain (especially chronic pain issues), it’s always good to take a look at various alternatives that are available to you. 

Depending on your needs and level of pain and discomfort you’re finding yourself in, you may want to opt for a more natural approach to relieving your pain and aches. So, how can you do that? There are a number of ways you may find comfort with the use of natural pain relief methods.

Heat and/or Ice Packs

One of the first and foremost ways to find some relief is with a good old fashioned heat or ice pack. If you have just injured yourself, an ice pack can help to reduce any associated swelling. Later, a heat pack may help you to find some added relief and help relax the muscles surrounding your pain. This is often a good way of relieving pains such as sprains and general muscle aches. If you don’t have a heating pad, you may instead use a hot water bottle, a wheat pack or you might find a relaxing bath can do the trick.


If you’ve woken up with stiff muscles or a sore neck, a massage may be a great option for you. Massage and myotherapy are also widely used for sports injuries. The use of massage as a treatment is very dependent on the severity of your pain and how it was caused. To know whether you may benefit from massage, your healthcare professional will be able to determine if it is a good treatment option. Some forms of pain management require physiotherapy rather than massage or myotherapy.


If you’re looking for complementary medicines to help with your aches and pains, arnica is one such alternative that many people have found to be quite useful. Arnica, or Arnica Montana Flower, has been used traditionally in Western herbal medicine and has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s good for reducing bruising and swelling. When applied to the skin, it can help with pain relief from sports injuries, sprains and general muscles pains and cramps.


This traditional Chinese practice has been used for centuries by people all over the world looking for an alternative pain relief method. Acupuncture can help manage pain symptoms by using tiny needles into specific points around the body and is thought to help alleviate blockages in energy within the body, helping the body to heal naturally. Many people swear by it as one of the best ways to help relieve pain. If you’re interested in exploring acupuncture, it is best to have a chat with an experienced and accredited acupuncturist about your symptoms.

Gentle Exercise

This method of reducing pain is not one to be taken lightly. If you’re injured, it is always best to have a chat with your healthcare professional about which exercises would be best for you to help with your recovery.

If you suffer from aches and pains due to conditions such as arthritis, gentle exercise may help to alleviate pains in your joints. Exercise can help to strengthen your muscles, which in turn will help give your joints more support. Mild exercises such as swimming, walking and tai chi may be great for your aches as well as your wellbeing.

Remember To Get The Right Advice

If you’re feeling sore or in pain from an injury, playing sports or an underlying health condition, it’s always important to have a chat with your healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will be able to help with an appropriate diagnosis and will be able to help you with a treatment plan to help fasten up your recovery time. Looking for alternatives and having a natural approach to your health isn’t a bad thing but as always, seek medical advice where appropriate.