Thanks for your interest in becoming a sponsored Zen athlete!

Due to the current state of play, we will be reviewing requests for Virtual Sponsorships.

So, what do this mean?

We know times are tough right now! Our sporting and fitness goals may seem harder to reach at this minute, due to the unknown that lies ahead, but rest assure if we work together even the biggest of challenges can be achieved.

We are a passionate health and fitness community so why don’t we unite to stay active, motivated, crush our goals and get through this TOGETHER!

No Matter Your age, fitness level or what goal you have…. lets promote movement after all…

“If it’s not now…then when!”


How it works:

So let’s get started!

Athletes/fitness enthusiasts who receive a granted a virtual sponsorship will receive top ups of Zen Sports/Zen Herbal Liniment every two months, as well as a pack of incredible apparel.

We will also send you regular samples and discount codes to share with your incredible network to help motivate movement and activity.

What we ask in return:

  • 2 social media photos per month featuring Zen Sports or Zen Herbal liniment and with our apparel tagging @zen_painrelief, #zenpainrelief and #zenpainreliefaustralia
  • 2 Instagram stories per month featuring Zen or Zen apparel tagging @zen_painrelief
  • Add Zen Pain Relief Australia to your Instagram bio 
  • A picture of you which we can share our profile section on our website

Please click on the button below and our team will be in touch shortly.

We only consider applications for athletes over the age of 16 who live in Australia or New Zealand.