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General Manufacture/ Product Specifications

Where are the herbs in Zen sourced/grown from?

We source the best quality herbs from around the world, including Australia, China and Europe. With each batch this may sometimes vary depending on availability and quality. Our herbs are tested for efficacy, heavy metal contamination, bacteria and safety standards. Our products are made in Australia in GMP/TGA approved manufacturing facilities.

Can I use Zen products from the Zen range during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The Zen product range is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is best to seek advice from your healthcare professional when pregnant or lactating.

Do Zen products interact with any other medications?

There are no known drug interactions with the Zen product range. The herb Dong quai (Angelica) has been shown to have an effect on the circulation therefore we recommend caution with anyone on anti-coagulant medications, it is best to seek advice from your healthcare professional. If you are prescribed regular medications by your healthcare professional, you should inform them if you commence any other supplements or medications.

Zen Herbal Liniment / Zen Herbal Gel

How long will it take for Zen Herbal Liniment/Zen Herbal Gel to work?

This varies on the individual and how severe your symptoms are. Most people feel immediate relief, with further pain and inflammation relief increasing over a few days of use. Use ongoing applying up to four times per day for best results.

Over what length of time can I continue to apply Zen Herbal Liniment/Zen Herbal Gel?

Zen Herbal Liniment or Zen Herbal Gel may be applied ongoing as symptoms require. If symptoms continue to persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Should I use Zen Herbal Liniment on broken or irritated skin?

It is not recommended to use Zen Herbal Liniment on broken or irritated skin as the alcohol will sting. It is best to avoid sensitive areas and keep the product away from eyes. Wash hands after use.

Are there any side effects from Applying Zen Herbal Liniment/Zen Herbal Gel?

Generally Zen Herbal Liniment and Zen Herbal Gel are well tolerated. In rare cases a skin rash may develop. If this happens please discontinue use and discuss with your healthcare practitioner. This may be due to sensitivity to the herbs or to the alcohol – especially after frequent application.

Zen Herbal Liniment, Zen Sports Spray and Zen Herbal Gel (all for topical use on unbroken skin) DO contain ethanol (alcohol). Zen products are NOT tested on animals.

Zen Sports Spray

What is Zen Sports Spray?

Zen Sports Spray is a therapeutic massage liniment that may help with the relief of minor sports injuries such as mild sprains, general muscle aches and bruising.

How does Zen Sports Spray differ from Zen Herbal Liniment/Zen Herbal Gel?

Zen Sports Spray contains a different herb blend to that in Zen Herbal Liniment/Zen Herbal Gel. This blend was developed specially to target minor sports injuries such as mild sprains, general muscle aches and bruising. The thicker formulation aids massage.

When can I use Zen Sports Spray?

Zen Sports Spray can be used on the affected area(s) one to four times daily. Zen Sports Spray may be massaged in before or after sporting activity as needed.