zensponsershipHEADER - Zen Athlete Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in becoming a sponsored Zen athlete!

Due to the current state of play, we will be reviewing requests for Virtual Sponsorships.

So, what is the Virtual Sponsored Zen Athlete program all about?

Zen is all about ensuring you can stay pain free to live an active, full life. We want to support the grassroots sporting community to do just that.

When you join the Virtual Sponsored Zen Athlete program, you will receive a virtual sponsorship including Zen Sports/Zen Herbal Liniment products every two months, as well as a welcome pack of merchandise and apparel (and a $50 Rebel voucher to top up on your sporting equipment and apparel needs.)

We will also send you regular samples and discount codes to share with your network to help support movement and activity.

zensponsership - Zen Athlete Sponsorship

The Virtual Sponsored Zen Athlete is open to athletes in professional, amateur or community settings. We’re also open to supporting fitness enthusiasts at any age, stage, or level of skill!

You must be over the age of 16 and live in Australia or New Zealand to apply.

Yes, both teams and individuals can apply. We are also open to supporting groups who train or do sports together.

All you have to do is apply! Fill out this form, and we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted.

Celebrating movement, activity and fitness is all about inspiring others. So we want our Virtual Sponsored Zen Athletes to show us what you’re up to!


That means each month you are on the program, we require:


  • You to follow @Zen_painrelief on Facebook and Instagram
  • Post 1x social media photo per month featuring Zen Sports or Zen Herbal liniment tagging @zen_painrelief, #zenpainrelief and #sponsoredbyzen
  • Post 1x Instagram stories per month featuring Zen products or Zen apparel tagging @zen_painrelief
  • Add Zen Pain Relief Australia to your Instagram bio as an official Virtual Sponsored Zen Athlete
  • A photo of you which we can share our profile section on our website


We’d also love to celebrate any wins, achievements, milestones or motivations so feel free to tag us in those moments too!

meetathlets - Zen Athlete Sponsorship

We only consider applications for athletes over the age of 16 who live in Australia or New Zealand.